Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Wine (and Love) Story

Back in the days when I was selling wine, a friend of a friend came to see me about a wine tasting party for her boyfriend.

We decided to compare varietals from different parts of the world as a theme. For syrah, I picked out an Australian shiraz and a French syrah to match up. The Aussie was Piping Shrike Shiraz 2001 and the Frenchie was Mas de Aveylans Syrah VDP du Gard 2002.

Both good wines to be sure. The Aveylans, however, blew the Shrike away in terms of complexity – in my humble opinion. That particular vintage really sticks out in my mind…it was inky dark and layered with black fruit, tar, herbs and a hundred other aromas and flavors. Every sniff and sip was a new discovery.

But, to each their own, right?

The next time I saw her, she thanked me for my help and raved about the Aveylans. Her guests had preferred the Shrike, but she went for the more complex wine.

Fast-forward several months, and the boyfriend was gone. We ran into each other at our mutual friend’s house, and we found that we had lots in common, besides wine.

Fast-forward again several years, and that girl is now my wife. We were married over the summer (during my blogging hiatus), in the house that we now share. Our mutual friend performed the very private ceremony. (Thanks, P. We owe you so much.)

For those of you who have been following me, the girl of which I speak is, of course, the amazing E.

A picture is truly worth a thousand words.

(photo by Graeme Fouste)


Anonymous said...

Wait, I don't see any wine in that picture.. it must all ready be in you..


John said...

An excellent observation. Where is the wine? When two winos get married, there is sure to be some wine nearby.

Stay tuned.