Saturday, January 10, 2009

Am I a Twit?

Don’t answer that.

However, you can now follow me on Twitter. Why would you? Good question.

I’ll try to keep my updates related to wine, at least as much as BTTD is about wine. I drink a ridiculous amount of good wines (apologies to my liver) and many of them never get blogged about. So, I’ll keep you abreast of what I’m up to on a daily basis, not just wine but good beers, great food and my increasingly diverse coffee selections.

One of the reasons I follow other bloggers is to look for suggestions on new wines, etc. If you’re one of the fine folks in my blog list, you can bet I rely on you for suggestions.

I have to laugh about the Twitter thing, because I’m not exactly on the cutting edge of things.

I came late to blogging. I don’t have a Facebook page. I never did MySpace. I don’t have a Blackberry or an iPhone. Hell, I don’t even text.

For the last three years, I haven’t had a television. Best decision I ever made.

So, why Twitter? Well, it’s partly to remind me to pay more attention to BTTD. It’s also another way to keep tabs on what other bloggers are up to.

We’ll see. Look to the left for the link and follow me. It just might give you the wine suggestion you desperately need.

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