Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Big Day

I didn’t intend to get caught up in the inauguration hoopla, but I did. There have been so many down moments for our nation lately; it’s nice to savor a good moment.

I sheepishly admit to being politically apathetic. It’s not that I don’t care about the issues involved, because I do. It’s the nature of politics and (some) politicians that I detest. However, since no one has come up with a better system, it’s a necessary evil.

While our government has a tendency to muck things up and give us a bad name, we (the ordinary people who finance the muck-ups) are a pretty good bunch. I see the good and the bad of this country, but I still think there’s no better place to be.

So, today I raise my glass to my country and our new president – may both prosper in the years ahead.

I just happened to have the perfect bottle to toast with – Gruet Methode Champenoise Brut NV. Drinking an American wine seems essential, and I like that this one comes from an unlikely location – New Mexico. It’s also a bargain at $13 (more or less depending on where you find it), which is nice during lean times.

American sparkling wine made by a French family in New Mexico…yeah, it’s just right.


Anonymous said...

It was a love-hate relationship for me today. One hand I'm not overly optimistic about any politician, no matter how good of a speaker they are. And even if they are sincere and hold true. They can only do so much as one person with limited power, it still takes many other politicians or citizens of this country to make it happen.

Although I whole heartily agree, this is still the best country to live in. As today I can still blog smack about politicians, buy ingredients for my next high gravity home brew, buy a 40 oz beer at the gas station, and the latest playboy mag. (for the articles of course)

I raise my glass, I mean bottle today

cheers America,


John said...

Well said, Mr.T. Cheers indeed.

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