Thursday, January 22, 2009

Enjoy Yourself

One of the reasons I write this blog is to provide some representation for Southern wine lovers. There aren’t many Southern wine bloggers, and wine appreciation probably isn’t the first thing people associate with Southerners.

I’ve met some great wine people during my years in North Carolina and South Carolina, and not surprisingly they’ve been more than generous in sharing their stash.

That’s just one of the things that have captivated me about living here — the generosity of spirit and deed. People go out of their way to do kind things for you. I’m not saying that doesn’t happen everywhere, but it happens all the time here.

Along with that generous spirit is a keen appreciation of enjoying life. If you hang out with generous people who like to have fun, a good time is sure to follow.

Living in the South has certainly taught me to loosen up and enjoy life. My recreation mentors have been many, and the lessons are now fond memories.

A couple readers commented on this post, which included my recipe for a Carolina Liquor Drink (CLD). It’s simple: vodka, cranberry juice, lime and ice, but that’s not all it is. In some ways it represents certain things I love about the South: generosity, indulgence and unrestrained celebration.

I’m happy to share this simple concoction. Make sure you use good ingredients. And use lots of vodka – that’s the point of a cocktail, right?

To be honest, you can change the ingredients to suit your taste. What’s important is the big plastic cup, a heavy pour of liquor and having a giant cocktail when you probably shouldn’t be.

I recommend serving them at about 10 in the morning with the best of friends, while sitting around a smoking grill.

Have fun. You only get to go once.


Left Behind Child said...

In lieu of silo cups, I used Tervis Tumbler's! Still sort of keeping in spirit. And you are so right. It's not the drink - it's the attitude that accompanies it.

John said...

You know, I've actually not been using Solo cups as often, in a nod to environmental concerns. I need to find a good washable substitute.

Do they have naughty Tervis Tumbler's?