Friday, February 25, 2011


Don't miss this post from The Pour about using words to describe wine. If you write about or talk about wine, you inevitably end up describing it. It's easy to lapse into winespeak.

I've consciously backed away from the most egregious types of winespeak in my writing. Using descriptors like "wild violets and lychee fruit" doesn't really help anyone. Every now and again you might encounter a wine that is worthy of such talk, and there's nothing wrong with batting around the smells and tastes of a wine with your friends, but there's no need to get carried away.

Wine is fermented grape juice. Sometimes the best thing to do is eat, drink and enjoy.



Elif Ersin Sarıgül said...


I felt so relieved when I read the post from the Pour and yours as well! I am rather new in wine-conversation and I spent considerable time to find the best way to describe the wine I taste, because I want to share it with my readers and my friends. I don’t feel very successful in this but I keep trying. Besides, I try to do this not only in my native language, but also in English. May be I should rather share the wine with my friends and enjoy it together with them, instead of drinking alone and sharing the tasting notes :)

John said...

Thanks for the comment.

Finding the words to describe wine isn't easy. I still struggle with it. I'm not sure there is a "right" way, but I'm always trying to get better.

I love your blog. Glad you decided to translate it.