Sunday, February 06, 2011

Sad Sunday

I had a much different post planned for today, but some bad news has my mind on other things.

I frequently mention our Saturday visits to Columbia's All-Local Farmers' Market. One of our favorite vendors is Wil-Moore Farms, a local source for cheese, eggs, chicken, goat and much, much more.

This morning, a fire destroyed one of their barns along with around 1000 chickens. Thankfully, no one in their family was hurt, and the fire didn't spread. My heart goes out them, and our thoughts will be with them as they work to recover.

Hearing of their loss makes me even more thankful for them and the other local farmers, food artisans and craftspeople who keep us supplied with so many good things.

This morning I cooked up a pork shoulder from Caw Caw Creek Farm. You just can't compare the rich, earthy flavor of the meat to the stuff that comes from the grocery store.

I have no doubt that the local food scene will rally around Wil-Moore and do whatever we can to help them recover. It also strengthens my resolve to buy local food whenever I can.

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Anonymous said...

John, this is Erin Curtis. I manager the All Local Farmers' Market and assist with Caw Caw Creek.

Can you shoot me an email at We're ready to "rally".