Thursday, February 03, 2011

Weeknight Cooking

Cooking during the work week is challenging. At least it is for me anyway.

I usually have something in mind by the time I hit the house, but after I've chopped, diced, sautéed, boiled and cursed a few times -- I'm worn out. This explains why I rarely have blog posts about weeknight dinners.

Tonight I arrived home a little early and whipped up some crab cakes real quick. During the week, it's easier for me to make things I've made a hundred times before.

I'm writing this short post while I sip on a glass of wine. My are crab cakes resting in the fridge awaiting a hot skillet, and the last thing I have to do is make a dressing. I'm serving the cakes with a simple side of dressed arugula.

We're (possibly) going out later so something light seemed in order. Since it's a weeknight, some inexpensive wine was also in order.

Domain de la Hallopière Vin de Pays du Val de Loire 2009 ($7.99, Green's Beverage)

Chardonnay from the Loire Valley? I wouldn't have expected it either. Chardonnay is more commonly used as a blending grape in the Loire, but this wine is a real find.

It's juicy without being overripe, clean and fresh with notes of white peach and lemon. I'm guessing it was done in stainless steel, because there's not a hint of oak. Fine with me.

Now it's time for that dressing. I'm thinking about a little mayo, some mustard, fresh lemon juice and a spoonful of hoisin sauce. We'll see how that works out.

Cheers. It's almost Friday.

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