Saturday, January 22, 2011

Thinking About Wine

Since this is supposedly a wine blog, I suppose it's about time for a post about wine.

Henri Bourgeois Sancerre "Les Baronnes" 2007 ($17.99, Asheville Wine Market)

The Asheville Wine Market really deserves its own post, so I'll leave that for another time. We picked up a lovely piece of red snapper from Sea Eagle this morning at the All-Local Farmers' Market, which is soon to be searing in a pan. I've also got some Anson Mills grits in the crock pot, and I really need to quit blogging and start making a salad.

Even though it's winter (and a particularly chilly day at that), some meals call for white wine. I've been saving this bottle for the right meal, and I believe this is the one.

Sancerre isn't something we drink often, because it's a bit more expensive than the wine budget allows. However, as with red wine, it's worth splurging occasionally.

Instead of droning on in wine-speak, I'll just say this wine is amazing: full of restrained citrus fruit, herbs, mineral notes and...damn, that's wine-speak. It's really good.

This will be the first bottle entered in this cool little notebook that E surprised me with.

Here's the inside view:

Cheers, ya'll.

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