Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day

It's snowing.

Although it's an unremarkable event in many places across the country, it's a big deal here in Columbia. I can't say I'm complaining, because instead of settling into my fabric box for a day at the office, I'm working on my third cup of coffee at the dining room table.

As you can see from the photo above, it's not exactly a blizzard, but the city is essentially shut down. There's no infrastructure to deal with snow here. When you only get one respectable snow storm every couple years, it doesn't make sense to invest in plows.

Another problem is that many people in the South have no idea whatsoever about how to correctly drive in the snow.

Hogan and I went for a snowy walk before dawn. There were only a few foolish souls trying to navigate their cars down the snowy, icy roads. The only way to properly appreciate snow is on foot (or skis/snowboard for the more adventurous).

Since I grew up in the Northeast, snow has a nostalgic appeal for me. I like to look at it. I like to walk in it. I like to play in it.

However, I don't like to shovel it, go to work in it or generally conduct my life in a snowy environment. Nor do I like to step off a curb into four inches of dirty slush. These are reasons why I live in South Carolina.

In South Carolina, it snows, it melts the next day and then it's 65 degrees a couple days later. It works out perfectly.

Unless of course, the snow turns into freezing rain, tree limbs start falling and the power goes out. That stinks.

So, after Hogan had a chance to romp through the park and we toured the neighborhood, we're settled into our warm house and hoping it stays that way.

E, unfortunately, is stuck on conference call -- one of the curses of modern technology.

I'm happy to drink coffee, read the Sunday Times, relax and think about what bottle of wine I'm going to open this afternoon.

Let's just hope the power stays on.


Nancy Yos said...

Lovely picture -- and I still can't believe that amount of snow is enough to keep people home from work, although I've always heard jokes to that effect. Hope you enjoyed your day/coffee ....

Max Boughner said...

Though snow days may look bleak due to the closure of establishments, you'll get to discover the kind of fun you've never had before. A simple stroll around the neighborhood or getting those heavy sheet of snow off the top of your house can be refreshing, as you get to go out without thinking about being fried by the sun!