Friday, January 07, 2011

More Recommended Reading

Since I can't find the inspiration to write anything original, I'll share some of the things I've been reading lately.

As someone who has (for the most part) been an exercise enthusiast my entire life and likes to take a drink (or two), I found this article about the connection between drinking and exercise very interesting.

It's especially pertinent this time of the year when I'm trying to burn off a couple extra pounds from holiday celebrating. Hogan and I just returned from a brisk morning walk.

Although I'm rather apathetic politically, I get enraged by the way politicians, state governments and corporate beverage distributors have conspired to limit choices for consumers. I'm fortunate to reside in a city, county and state where the alcohol laws are only mildly stupid.

This article explains why the residents of Pennsylvania aren't quite as lucky. Since one of my brothers lives there, I'm somewhat familiar with the state's ridiculous alcohol laws. If he wants to buy beer, he has two choices: buy a six-pack from a bar or restaurant, or buy a case from state-licensed "beer store."

Sound stupid? Yes, it is. There's a more complete explanation 0f the stupidity here.

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