Sunday, August 16, 2009

Weekend Update

We're in the midst of the worst of summer here in South Carolina, which means that Friday night called for something cool to sip on after work. Dinner was salmon fillets, so white wine seemed too thin. Instead, I opened a bottle of Les Vignerons de Tavel "Cuvée Royal" Tavel 2008 ($12.99, Green's).

Tavel is arguably the best place for rosé in the world. This wine certainly supports that argument. It's mellow and sophisticated with flavors of dried cherries and herbs and a smooth, long finish. It was the perfect match for the salmon.

Speaking of which, here's dinner sizzling on my stovetop grill. A couple weeks ago, I was cooking crab cakes on the other side of the grill (here's the post). I've had the grill for years, but didn't appreciate it for a long time. I've finally figured out how useful it is.

When the weather isn't cooperating or I'm too lazy to fire up the grill, it's a lifesaver. I use it for French toast, burgers, crab cakes, fish, pancakes, potato croquettes and any number of other things. You can find it here, although my model didn't have a non-stick coating. I took me a while to season it properly.

Here's dinner in it's final form.

A hot summer Saturday at our house requires enough white wine for a couple glasses in the afternoon, a glass for an unexpected guest and some leftover to serve with dinner. Lenz Moser Grüner Veltliner 2008 1-liter bottle is the perfect thing. It's fresh, lively and uncomplicated with flavors of tart green apple and pear.

The subtle flavors and tight acidity were perfect with a simple dinner of spicy scallops and garlic pasta served with broiled asparagus (we had some we didn't use Friday).

Sunday has been a long day, as we made a jaunt to Charlotte for provisions. Dinner is going to be barbecue (pulled from the freezer) sandwiches with coleslaw, some sort of potatoes and a very simple salad.

Just as soon as I finish my beer.

Old Brown Dog Ale, Smuttynose Brewing Company, $9.29/six-pack 12 oz. bottles, Green's

Happy Sunday, y'all.


Left Behind Child said...

What's the side dish being served above?

John said...

That's brown basmati rice cooked in herbed chicken broth. We've been eating more brown rice lately, and it's been a learning process for the cook.

White rice is much easier to work with.