Saturday, August 08, 2009

Pour Decisions

Thanks to one loyal reader (that's you, mrT) and one new friend (that would be you, J), I've gained a renewed appreciation for malted beverages as of late.

Beer deserves a place at the table, just as much as wine. As with sports and politics, most people fall clearly in the beer drinker or wine drinker category. I'm happy to say that I refuse to choose sides. I like both. Here are a couple brews I've enjoyed lately:

Mikkeller All Others Pale ($9.99, 22 oz. bottle, Brawley's Beverage)

Ten bucks for a 22 ounce beer is a little pricey for my blood, but I suppose it's nothing compared to what I'll spend on the right bottle of wine. The design on this label suckered me in.

It's very different from what I'd expect in an American Pale Ale, which it is an homage to. It's more woodsy than citrusy with pronounced dry hops and smokey barley flavors. I want to taste more from these crazy Danes. Be sure to check out their impressive Web site.

Smuttynose Brewing Company Star Island Single ($10.49, six-pack of 12 oz. bottles, Brawley's Beverage)

I can't say enough good things about Smuttynose. I've been (somewhat) slowly drinking my way through their line-up, and I've yet to find one of their brews I don't like. This ale is very smooth with flavors of orange peel, dried herbs and just a hint of sweetness. It's a bit different, in a good way.

Here's to beer.

(I have to apologize for the cheesy word play in the title of this post. Sometimes I just can't help myself. It occured to me that I could write a post called, "Poor Decisions," which would be about my 20s. But, that's probably best left unwritten.)


Left Behind Child said...

I've become a BIG fan of the Star Island Single thanks to a recommendation from E.

If you get down to Charleston, be sure to visit the Charleston Beer Exchange right around the corner from the Old Provost Dungeon. THey've always got a great selection on the growler station. My neigh bor has been heading down there on business lately and always picks me up a growler. They just put a keg of Smutty Maibock on tap yesterday.

Anonymous said...

First off, thanks for the nod. Second, this post is timely as I just got back from a weekend of indulging in some of the most unique and exciting beers you can find, and to top it off is the many of the friendly brewers and great fest goers that really top off the experience. I had once in a lifetime beers from special offerings ranging from Three Floyds oak aged Dark Lord, to winter winery black current infused mead. I had the owner of Bells Brewery buy me a barley wine when I should have been drinking water to sharing a beer with a guy from Miami that flew out just for the five hour event. I ate a scotch egg at a great Irish pub and lamb at the coolest supper club ever(or at least I know of) There are soo many beers I would love to point out, too many to comment but I just wanted to share that after all that great beer as I write this I'm enjoying a tall boy of Coors Banquet Beer not found in my state, and Wisconsin fresh cheese curds. The world of beer just keeps getting better and sometimes you just have to go for the label where there is a overwhelming amount of good beers on the shelf or be a sucker like me and eat up the novelties.


John said...


She's the one who spotted it in Brawley's (I'm sure she bragged about it). We'll have to find an excuse to get down to Chas.


Why must you torment me with that description? Are you sure it wasn't all a decadent dream? Too many Colorado Kool-Aids and cheese curds? Maybe you need to write a post for Brim about your adventures in Beer Land....

Thanks for the comments.