Friday, July 17, 2009

White Italians: You Can Do Better

It's such a shame that pinot grigio has become the default Italian white wine. I once went into a (somewhat) nice Italian restaurant for lunch craving a glass of wine and was dismayed to find nine pinot grigios and a pinot grigio/chardonnay blend as my only white wine choices.

If I want cheap Italian white wine, I'd just as soon have Frascati or Orvieto. The truth is that Italy produces some interesting and very good white wines; it's just that restaraunts get lazy about writing their wine list or just stock what they know will sell.

After a long week at work, it was nice to come home to a glass of Torre Solaria Insolia Sicilia 2007 ($11.99, Green's Beverage Store). This is so much more interesting than the dreaded grigio. Crisp and dry with flavors of granny smith apple, lemon and wet rocks, it's a real mouthful of wine and lingers on your palate in a very pleasant way.

What a nice start to the weekend.

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Anonymous said...

I just found this wine today. I like what I think is a melon or cantelope flavor on the finish.