Friday, November 26, 2010


It feels like the day after Thanksgiving. Leaves are coming down in waves. Hardly any cars are passing outside. A light rain gives us the perfect reason to lay around and do very little.

Yesterday was a wonderful, relaxed Thanksgiving. I spent the first part of the day working in the yard, playing with Hogan and enjoying the beautiful weather. We shared a meal with E's son and his fiance. Later, we ate more, drank wine and talked endlessly. I built a fire in the fire pit that we huddled around late into the night.

I'm thankful for so many things in my life: family, friends, a full refrigerator and an overflowing wine stash, among them.

In the spirit of thinning the collection, I opened this bottle yesterday:

Baron-Fuenté Rosé Dolorès NV Brut ($18, Cellar on Greene)

This is a blend of 60 percent chardonanny, 20 percent pinot noir and 20 percent pinot meunier. It's light and airy with flavors of strawberry and cherry and notes of toast and nuts -- just the thing to go with a brunch of prosciutto and goat cheese strata and broiled asparagus.



Anonymous said...

John, do you have any suggestions for a really jammy wine, grapey, sweet but not a port of such. The wife likes the real fruity and sweet wines, I’m tempted to say she just stick with arbor mist and boones farm  But that isn’t quite her thing either.. think she is in wine purgatory.

These wines might not be your go to, but figured working in a wine store you might of ran across some folks with the same taste.

Happy holidays to you and your fam,


John said...

First of all, it's great to hear from you.

Jammy, grapey and and sweet is a perfect description of muscadine wine. I'm not sure how far west they grow muscadines, but I would think you could find some out that way.

Another wine that comes to mind is concord grape wine. The most common are the sweet kosher wines, Manischewitz and the like. But you may find regional wineries that use concords or something similar.

Beyond that, there are some other wines with that taste profile. Look for eastern European wines or local/regional wines that are labeled sweet or semi-sweet. Fruit wines are something else to look for.

Happy Holidays and good cheer to your family as well.