Sunday, April 25, 2010

Our Boy

I’m sitting here sipping a mimosa on a gloomy Sunday morning. We’re having a day of celebration in honor of Hogan’s third birthday.

It’s hard to believe he’s been with us for so long. We still refer to him as “the puppy” and he still frequently acts like one. But there are moments when he looks – and acts – very grown up.

His intentionally ridiculous official AKC name is Park Street’s Colonel Hogan – Park Street for where we live and Colonel Hogan for the TV character from Hogan’s Heroes. He’s a Frisbee-catching, ball-chasing, dog-wrasslin’ goofball. He’s also a fantastically loyal, loving dog and a best friend for our other dog, Peanut.

Hogan came to us because he had a heart murmur as a puppy, and a woman in Missouri who had claimed him decided she didn’t want him. I found out this week his heart murmur has gotten worse, which makes me worry about his future.

But today, he’s right here and happy as ever. It reminds me to enjoy the moment – as dogs are famously good at.

Here’s to you, Hogan. Good boy.

I love a sparkling wine that's cheap enough to make guilt-free mimosas and tasty enough to have a glass with lunch

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Salem said...

Hi John- We're having our first 5 course wine dinner (sustainable seafood), at the Blue Marlin this Thursday. I'm trying to invite you without spamming your comments section, so feel free to reply, if you would like more details.

John said...

Thanks for the invitation. This week is looking like it might be rough for me, so I don't think I can make Thursday. If you ever want to let me know about events, you can e-mail me at

I've got a special affection for the Blue Marlin. It was one of my first hangouts when I moved to Columbia almost ten years ago.

Salem said...

Thanks John.I appreciate you getting back to me. I'll keep you in the loop on future events. Please introduce yourself next time you are at the restaurant. I am in the restaurant every Tuesday night and Wednesday lunch. Most of my time is at the catering company.
Cheers, Salem Suber

Ginger said...

Hi John,
First off, your dog is beautiful, and I wish him a long, loving, fun filled life.
Secondly, I found out about your blog in Wine Dogs II and I had to look it up. So glad I did. I too am obsessed with dogs and wine. I can't wait ot read your archives and catch up with your other readers. I think I am goiong to love your blog.