Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Southern Wine

My plan to post some short updates throughout the weekend didn't work out. It was a busy weekend (as busy as it ever gets around here), and I just couldn't bring myself to spend any time in front of the computer.

E and I took today off to stretch the weekend a little. After spending the day dealing with the unpleasant minutiae of life, it was a pleasure a crack open a bottle of white and retreat to the porch.

I picked a recent purchase, a wine that made both of us very happy.

Horton Vineyards Tower Series Viognier Orange County, VA 2006 ($12.99, Total Wine)

I wish I could blog more frequently about the wines of the Southeast. Unfortunately, very few are available in the local retail stores. Although I understand the complexities of distribution channels for wine, I'll never understand why it's easier to find European wines than wines made a few hundred miles away. Sigh.

Fortunately, Total Wine & More does carry some wines from Horton Vineyards, which is one of my favorite Virginia wineries. Their viognier is lovely. This vintage seemed a little more austere than the last one I tasted, but not necessarily in a bad way.

The flavors lean towards lemon and apricot, with a hint of slate on the finish and a viscous mouthfeel. This is an excellent example of Southeast winemaking.

Here's to the South, y'all.


rhodies said...

Have tried Horton wines in Virginia and also Horton's Tower Series from distributors. Unfortunately the Tower Series wines should be classed "B" wines in comparison to what is available at the vineyards (or you can order direct since they ship). Horton's Norton is a value introduction to the 179 Norton grape wines available from 22 states which most being "Southern" states.

John said...

I'm glad to know that Horton ships to SC, because I'm a big fan of their wines. I'm not sure I agree that the Tower Series are "B" wines, although they are much more reasonable from a cost standpoint.

I do appreciate your enthusiasm for the norton grape, because I feel it's vastly under-appreciated.