Monday, April 09, 2007

I Wanna Easter Egg! I Wanna Easter Egg!

I hope everyone had a joyous and safe Easter/Passover holiday. Or, if you don’t celebrate either, I hope you had a very nice spring weekend.

Unfortunately, I live quite far from my family, so going home to share a meal and spend some quality time is out of the question. My girlfriend and I both share this dilemma, as do many people. While it makes me sad to miss family gatherings, it’s also an opportunity to create new traditions and celebrate in my own way.

We decided to enjoy a nice relaxing day of food and wine to mark the holiday. Instead of braving the Sunday brunch crowds, we brunched at my home, also known as the Park Street Wine Bar (click here to view my favorite table).

The menu was Old Bay-chive crab cakes with red onion-red pepper-gala apple-basil salsa, rosemary roasted potatoes and spinach-feta-oregano-stuffed tomatoes. (Can you tell I’m excited about having fresh herbs to cook with?)

To go with our brunch, we popped a bottle of Paul Cheneau Brut Cava NV. It’s inexpensive enough ($8) that I didn’t feel guilty making mimosas with it, but still tasty enough to enjoy solo with our meal. It’s light and fresh with delicate flavors of apple and pear.

For dinner, we enjoyed a scrumptious lasagna, courtesy of E (my girlfriend, for any new readers). And since I must have Italian red wine with pasta, we enjoyed a glass of Di Majo Norante Aglianico del Molise “Contado” 2002. After a bit of decanting this wine opens up to display crushed blackberries, violets, smoke, spice and a bit of cedar. It’s real good: go forth and seek ye a bottle.

Lasagna for Easter, you ask? That’s what’s so much fun about creating new traditions—there are no rules.

If you're curious about the title of this post, the answer is here. If you spent way too much of your youth watching Saturday morning cartoons like me, you already know.

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