Sunday, December 17, 2006

Shouts Out

As 2006 draws to close, I want to give props to some of the folks that have inspired and encouraged me along the way. I mentioned recently that becoming a wine blog reader has paid huge dividends for me. Here are some of the reasons why.

I have my girlfriend, E, to thank for reminding me about the great writing on, and I have Eric Asimov and The Pour for inspiring me to write a wine blog. Eric is my guru, and he proves that just because you’re very knowledgeable about wine, you don’t have to be a pretentious jackass.

Writing a wine blog when no one seems to be reading can a lonely, pathetic experience. A big thanks to Dr. Debs at Good Wine Under $20 for being the first of my fellow bloggers to mention Brim in her blog. The good Dr. has a great palate and seamlessly blends her enjoyment of good wine and good food.

Another early reader was Jeff at Twisted Oak Winery. Jeff writes El Bloggo Torcido, which has made me laugh out loud on many occasions. He is a winemaker with a rebel spirit and a truly Twisted sense of humor.

Speaking of a wicked sense of humor, I love the Wine Chicks and their irreverent take on the world of wine and wine sales.

Dezel at Virginia Vine Spot is a tireless, advocate of Virginia wines and a great blogger. Kudos for showcasing the wines of Virginia, which I love dearly. I am long overdue for a trip to the VA wine country.

I have Lenn at Lenndevours to thank for reminding me that New York State is no longer one of the “other” wine states, but one of the big dogs. He is also the brainchild of Wine Blogging Wednesday, which is a wonderful thing.

Tom Wark at Fermentation gives me my daily dose of wine industry reading. Tom writes a top-notch blog that is accessible even to people like me who aren’t quite as wine biz savvy. He is also a fantastic promoter for the wine blogging community.

Another top-notch wine blog is Vinography, Adler writes a blog that is a must-read for every wine drinker and his links to other wine blogs are the most comprehensive and inclusive.

Thanks to Wine Blog Watch for keeping me up to date on who has posted lately.

Of course, cooking and wine are a natural fit, so I have to mention some of the blogs that combine the two.

Culinary Fool was our kind host for WBW #28 and writes a culinary blog to drool over. She inspires me to get serious about cooking.

David at Cooking Chat is a newcomer to blogging like myself. Cooking Chat is a great read and full of killer recipes and great wine picks.

Tastes of Life is another new blog. Victoria is writing an excellent blog full of interesting wines and her thoughts on cheese and chocolate. Check it out.

And then there is Basic Juice, which combines wine, food, music, commentary and awesome writing. It’s a thing of beauty.

Of course, I’ve missed some folks, but you need to look no farther than my links to see who I’m reading.

Peace out and best wishes for a prosperous 2007 to all of you.


drdebs said...

You are a generous man, John! You keep writing, and I'll keep reading. Love the southern perspective, the recipes (I'm making your wife's mac and cheese this holiday!), and your sympatico sense of humor.

el jefe said...

hey John - tanks for da shouts! You're doing a great job over here and one day your dreams may come true (but be careful what you wish for!) Looking forward to the new year - we'll be working hard in the next few months to get the Southeast fully Twisted!

cheers! - j

Victoria said...

Just found and read your post on wine and food blogs. Thank you for recommending mine. I am glad you like it!

Cheers, Victoria @ Tastes of Life