Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Welcome to Columbia's wine blog!

Thanks for stopping by. As a certified (or certifiable) wine junkie, I'm always looking to chat about wine, food and all things vino-related. I miss the days of answering wine questions, helping people select wines and sharing my very limited knowledge. So ... I'm joining the thousands of other wine bloggers sharing their unsolicited thoughts, feelings and opinions.

The good news is that most of what I write about will be specific to Columbia. While I hope people who aren't blessed to live in this fine city will enjoy my musings, those of you who do will be assured that you can pop into one of your local retailers and find the wines I write about. Not only that, but I will also be writing about the retailers themselves, as well as local eateries.

What else will you find here? Well, whatever I'm in the mood to write about ... but usually it will be wine rants, seasonal picks, thoughts on whatever I drank the previous night and my humble opinion on the best places to buy and enjoy wine in Columbia.

What you won't find here is pretentiousness, excessive wine jargon, snobbery and all their kin. I want to keep it simple: straight talk about good stuff to drink that anyone can appreciate. I hope that novice wine drinkers will discover some new things and that veteran wine lovers will share some of their knowledge. Please post your comments, but don't be an jackass.

On that note ... I am not a wine expert, wine connoisseur, sommelier or any other fancy-sounding wine person. I'm just a regular guy who loves wine and enjoys talking about it. As far as my wine credentials go, I've been drinking and learning about wines for more than a decade. Several of those years were spent working in wine stores, where I had the pleasure of tasting hundreds of wines on someone else's dime. I know just enough about wine to realize how little I know.



Anonymous said...

Just poking around the columbia wine scene and thought I would be the first to post on your site...well a late poster but this post looked so lonely with no comments so I'm filling the void, or perhaps clogging your inbox.

Thanks for giving more perspective to my late night reading.


John said...

Thanks for showing this little post some love. It's hard to believe it's been almost three years since I started this thing.

I have to laugh when I read these early posts. I was more than a little naive about what I was getting into. The thing that jumps out at me the most is that I was writing to a local audience, which never materialized.

It never occurred to me that my readers would be spread out across the country. I still hope more local people will find me, but there's lots of reading material on the Web to compete with.

Cheers and thanks for being a fan.