Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas With Vince

A topic I've rarely touched on is music. I can't live without music, and it's as much a part of our meals as are food and libations. E thinks of me as the house DJ, because I'm primarily the person who picks the soundtrack for our home.

My dad loves music, and I may have inherited my passion from him, although our tastes don't always match. We agree on Miles Davis and John Coltrane, but I'm not sure he shares my appreciation of Ice-T and Gang Starr. As with wine, I enjoy all different kinds of music as long as it's done well.

This holds true for Christmas music also. I know some people can't stand it, but I'm a fan. It's not Christmas until I hear Nat King Cole singing "The Christmas Song."

However, my all-time favorite Christmas album is the Vince Guaraldi Trio's, "A Charlie Brown Christmas."

Maybe it's because the television show is a nostalgic favorite ( I also love good animation) or maybe it's because the music is just so good, but this time of the year it's the first thing I put on in the morning after I've turned on the Christmas tree lights.

I might even end the night with it sometimes, a glass of wine in hand and only the Christmas tree lights left on. When you only listen to an album for a few short weeks once a year, you have to get in as many playings as you can.


Anonymous said...

John, great post. I’ve been singing (poorly I might add) one of the songs on this album for about two weeks and your post prompted me to buy it Christmas night. I too started the day off with the bubbly and after the day had ended, everyone was in bed, I sat up with the remaining embers in the fire fading away, tree lights glowing and a stiff spiked eggnog listening to this nostalgic album twice while watching the deer watch me out my back window in the wonderful snow covered world.

Cheers, to the little things in life that make it so memorable,


John said...

That sounds like a wonderful Christmas Day.

Best wishes for a very happy 2011. May your cup runneth over with good cheer.

J & E