Thursday, July 22, 2010

Two Glasses, Please

There was a long period in my life when I wondered if I’d ever get married again.

My first marriage ended about the time I turned 30. I navigated re-entry to the dating world with varying degrees of success. I met some great people and was even on the verge of settling down a couple times, but it never panned out.

When I met E, she was just coming off a difficult breakup. I was recently out of a relationship, and not looking for another. We bonded over a love of wine and sushi.

Our initial months of pseudo-dating were mostly spent having quiet dinners and talking endlessly. Neither one of us was looking for a relationship, so there was no pressure to do anything but enjoy each other’s company.

Somewhere along the line we fell in love with each other.

It’s been two years since we got married and more than six year since we went for sushi for the first time. I feel so fortunate to have someone so wonderful to share a home, meals, wine, Sunday mornings and all the other things that make life worthwhile.

Of course, we also share a house (that always needs something fixed), bills, chores, life’s setbacks and all the other things that make life trying. All of which are much easier when someone has your back.

We went from being fully-functioning, independent, single adults to sharing everything, which – as those of you who have traveled that path know – is not always easy. Somehow we were able blend our lives pretty effortlessly.

She gained dogs, a house and a pretty decent live-in cook. I gained some great furniture, a cat and an awesome stepson. And, we both gained someone who has our back.

Here’s to us.

Photo by Graeme Fouste


Dr. Debs said...

What a lovely post--its always so good to read your work, but a special treat when it comes straight from the heart.

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chafe said...

I do so enjoy your blog.

John said...

Thanks to everyone. I appreciate the very nice comments.