Friday, June 18, 2010


Two words for you on this Friday:

Dogfish Head

E made a provision run to Charlotte today and came back with two six-packs of Dogfish Head 60-Minute IPA. Although DFH is available in S.C., it's (sadly) not available in Columbia. I'm also a little sad that Trader Joe's was out of the India Brown Ale.

However, I am quite happy to be sipping on a DFH 60.

Happy Friday, y'all.


Anonymous said...

My fav is the 90 min, I find the 120 too cloying and the 60 to bitter, but it always seems a bit stale (oxidized and/or lighstruck) when I get my hands on it, so maybe its better on the east coast.

I recently tried the Aprihop, I'm not a hop head but the apricots gave it a nice balance

Folks really have become hop lunatics, and I miss the balance of what ipa used to be, now its like a gnome jumped in my mouth and is stabbing my toungue with a fork when I drink some of these.

If you haven't had the 90 min, I emplore you to do so, from what I've sampled that is probably their best beer. It is very well balanced.


John said...

I have had the 90 and it's great, although I knew TJ's doesn't carry it. I agree that the 60 has a bit of a bite to it...but I'm still a fan. The 120 is a bit much indeed.

The India Brown Ale might be my favorite, but I've tasted some of their other offerings and I'm impressed by the creativity of the brewing. The Midas Touch surpassed all my expectations.

I'm afraid that hop-mania is unfortunately part of the American tendency towards "bigger is always better." I've witnessed the same trend in wine.

But red wine drinkers seem to be rebelling and seeking out lighter, more delicate wines. Maybe beer lovers will take the same turn.

One of my recent go-to beers has been Bell's Oberon Ale. It's a perfect summer quaff.

Cheers to you.

Anonymous said...

I should of mentioned that since I'm in the midwest I'm very limited on what I've had from dogfish so I'm sure they have better brew than the 90, but from my limited exposure that is my fav.

They do have a mind boggling lineup, I didn't realize until today that they were also doing spirits.

Now the next you bring home a dogfish brew, you need to get one of thier doggy treats they sell too.

At this rate we'll have dogfish TP, and wine.


John said...

Compared to all the beers they make, I've only had a few.

Your comment about their beers tasting a bit stale got me thinking about the difficulty brewers must face when they scale up production. It's one thing to make tasty beer at your brewpub, but it's another thing to send it across the country.

I've heard other people complain about DFH's quality going downhill, especially with the 60 and 90. Since those are their big sellers, it makes sense that they're having problems keeping quality in line with production.

I'll pass on the DFH wine, but I would like to taste some of their hooch.