Thursday, May 06, 2010

Beer Is Good

A friend recently showed up at my door with a six-pack of domestic, light beer in hand.

Now, I'm certain that he was well aware of my beverage stockpile, which includes a selection of some very fine malted beverages. His comment was, "I know you like that brown beer."

Guilty. However, if I were to appear at your home, and you handed me a cold Coors Light, I would accept with honest gratitude. My favorite beer is free beer.

I'll even admit to a certain fondness for regular, old Budweiser. It reminds me of a certain time and place in my life. I'm no more a beer snob than I am a wine snob.

If anything, coffee is the one beverage I refuse to compromise on. I'll go without instead.

As the weather quickly turns from warm to hot here in S.C., I'm craving a cold beer more often. And since "brown beer" isn't always what I want on a hot day, I need a good, lighter-style beer.

Oskar Blues Brewing Mama's Little Yella Pils, $10 (six 12 oz. cans), Green's

This is summer (or late spring) in a can – crisp, carbonated and low-octane (5.3% ABV) with flavors of lemon, grass, yeast and a touch of sweetness. If one can doesn't convince you...the second will.


Left Behind Child said...

Had one for the first time last night. Very nice and easy to drink right out of the can for those uncouth enough like me.

John said...


I keep meaning to drink one of their beers out of the can, but it just seems wrong when a glass is close by.

Thanks for turning me on to the Scotch ale.

Anonymous said...

I've had about everything from Oskar Blues, but the pils, but if you like that I would suggest Grain Belt. Folks around here think its what your grandpa drank but if that is true, then grandpa knew something about American beer. I'm surrounded by a sea of beer snobs, and I still piss them off by keeping my garage fridge full of busch light. Nothing like mowing the lawn and opening a ice cold can of amercing conditioned water. Folks need to remember that the American pilsners are some of the hardest brew styles to make and we make the best! It might seem boring, but I'm glad you haven't forgot our roots!

Although any beer is still best in the glass if you have it..even the pils... well except maybe the 40oz olde English wrapped in a bag.