Sunday, June 28, 2009

Trailer Park Wine Tie

Hi, my name is John, and I'm a wine geek.

It may be an indication that I've opened a few too many bottles in my day, but I've learned a thing or two about the nitty gritty of serving wine. One thing I've learned is that no matter how good one's pouring technique is, you're bound to drip wine on something you shouldn't.

I won't claim to have invented this, but it's a helpful trick -- even if it is a little trailer-esque.

Step one:

Start with a single sheet of choose-a-size paper towel. You can use a larger size, but it doesn't work as well.

Step two:

Fold lengthwise in thin (somewhat less then 1 inch) strips.

Step three:

Keep folding over until completely folded.

Step four:

Wrap around the neck of a wine bottle and tie it end-over-end. Slide down neck of bottle until snug.

Viola! You have some extra insurance against red wine stains on your white tablecloth.

Of course, if you love red wine, what in the world are you doing with a white tablecloth? Get a black one and be done with it.

Incidentally, this is absolutely Earth-friendly. The Trailer Park Wine Tie is easily re-used on another bottle. If it has a little wine on it, so what? It's not like you'll get cooties from it. Or, untie it, unfold it and use it to clean something. When you're done, toss it in the compost bucket.

The TPWT is suitable for use on everything from Screaming Eagle to Night Train Express.

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