Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A Hard-Working Chicken - The Whole Story

The economy is bad. Prices on gas, milk, orange juice and a decent bottle of grower-produced Champagne are skyrocketing. Desperate times call for drastic measures.

It's time to get to work.

This fine country was founded by hard-working folks and I'm not going to be the one to let our reputation slip. With that in mind, I headed off to my freelance fundraising gig. It's a pretty sweet deal: lots of fresh air, meeting new people and good times shared with my fellow freelancers.

Since Twisted Oak Winery was proclaiming the week, Take Your Rubber Chicken to Work Week, I brought along "Soup," my Twisted Chicken, and of course, I brought along P-Nut, my trusted canine sidekick--in case any other freelancers try to move in on my block.

Well, it seems the Twisted Crew liked the pictures I sent of our day. They even selected me as a finalist in their photo contest. I'm not saying you should vote for me, but you should.

Unfortunately, the picture they posted was only one of three that I sent, and it might reflect badly on my work ethic. In the interest of fairness, I think my readers deserve to see the whole story.

We've just gotten set up in this one. I'm checking out the scene. Traffic looks slow. Not good.

You have to work it for the crowd. This business is all about style. 
"Hey Brother! Can you spare a few bucks for a bottle of Tanner Vineyard Syrah?"

*@#$! cheapskates!

Well, that's it. It wasn't our best day ever, but we had lots of fun.

Don't forget to vote for me.


noble pig said...

Love the photos, they are hilarious!

Dr. Debs said...

Good God, this made me laugh. I think I love the "man hugging chicken" photo the best, especially since you and the chicken have kind of the same facial expression...

Glad to hear your e-voice again, John!

John said...

Thanks, Cathy and Deb.

If they made you laugh, then my work here is done.

J. Scott Ross said...

Too funny. I didn't know you were a web master and a blogger! Thanks for joining my network. Talk to you soon.