Sunday, January 13, 2008

My Dog Ate My Blog

For anyone who has been wondering what happened to me, the answer is pictured above.

The moments of my life that had been carved out for writing are now spent at the park or walking my neighborhood. My wine choice is now frequently based on the question, what wine goes with a slobbery tennis ball?

I have enjoyed some wonderful wines lately, although I don't remember all of them quite clearly because I was focused on the canine missile careening through my house. My comments have gone from, "This has some lovely blueberry notes" to "Hey! Put down that plant!"

Actually, Hogan is a pretty good boy, but he is high-maintenance. In fact, instead of sitting here typing, I should be running him around the park, but he's having a still moment so I'll take advantage of it to knock out a few lines.

At least my wine is well-guarded. Having Hogan on duty gives my other guard dog more time to sleep. At least someone is getting more sleep. Lucky dog.


Left Behind Child said...

Welcome back!

John said...

Thanks, Sean. Hope you'll be a regular reader...if I ever get back to really writing this thing.

Sonadora said...

Hey John- Glad to see you back...hope it will become a regular thing!

John said...

Thanks, Sonadora. I'm hoping so, too.