Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Shopping: The Sequel

I thought you might be interested in the results of some weekend shopping.

No sooner had I finished my last post then I walked back into World Market to pick another bottle of the Aussie shiraz-viognier that I mentioned in my previous post. Two racks full of wines marked down 50% met me at the front of the store.

I took a quick look and found an empty wine box.

The wine that brought me back is Zonte’s Footstep Shiraz-Viognier Langhorne Creek 2003 ($7.49). It’s the vinous equivalent of red velvet cake, a fruit-forward, over-the-top, luscious, whore of a wine. I love it.

Here are the other wines I bought with their post-discount prices:

Paringa Shiraz ‘Individual Vineyard’ South Australia 2003 ($5.49)

Fairview Viognier Coastal Region South Africa 2006 ($6.99)

Scharffenberger Brut Mendocino County NV ($8.99)

Omaka Springs Estate Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough 2004 ($7.49)

Dr. Thanisch Riesling Classic Q.B.A. 2005 ($8.99)

Kim Crawford Unoaked Chardonnay Marlborough 2005 ($7.99)

Mak ‘Snowy River’ Red Coonawarra 2001 ($7.99)

Joseph Drouhin St. Veran 2005 ($6.99)

Li Veli Passamante Salento 2003 ($5.99)

Matanzas Creek Sauvignon Blanc Sonoma County 2005 ($9.49)

Roederer Estate L’Ermitage Anderson Valley 1999 ($18.49)

Not a bad case of wine for about $100. Some of these wines I’m familiar with: Paringa, Joseph Drouhin and Kim Crawford. Others are new to me: Omaka Springs, Dr. Thanish and Mak.

The L’Ermitage alone made the trip worthwhile. I can’t wait to open that one. You will no doubt hear more about these as I taste them.

And seriously, Joseph Drouhin St. Veran for $6.99? Somebody pinch me.


Sonadora said...

The L'Ermitage is certainly worth that price!

They had the 2000 at my WM the other day at the 50% off sale....I hesistated though and didn't get it.

We love the 1999, brought several bottles back from Roederer when we were there....if that had been on my shelf at the WM it would have come home with me in an instant!

Dr. Debs said...

Impressive shopping. I like the Omaka Springs, and have had good experiences with it in the past. Not had this vintage, but they seem to be a consistently good producer. And yes, the Drouhin--pinch me, you, and anyone else around!

John said...

Thanks for the comments.

Sonadora - I'm really chomping at the bit to open the Roederer. I'll have to come up with a special occasion.

Deb - Glad to hear that you've liked the Omaka in the past. I'm excited to try it. I tend to like NZ sauvignon blanc, so I thought it was a safe bet.

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