Wednesday, October 18, 2006

New Link and South Carolina Whine

Among my recent adds to the links bar is the Cork and Demon, a Texas-based wine blog. It's written out of Austin, and centers around the Texas wine industry and Austin wine life.

It reminds me how far South Carolina is lagging behind other states in developing a wine industry. While this doesn't surprise me, it does make me sad and somewhat embarassed of SC.

Try Googling Texas wine. See how much information regarding Texas wine is out there. Now try the same thing with our neighbor, North Carolina.

Now try it with South Carolina. Lame.

There are some wineries out there giving it a try and I applaud their efforts. It's not easy being a pioneer.

It stuns me that our lawmakers haven't realized the enormous potential that wineries hold for our economy. Again, this should really come as no surprise.

I dream of a day when every state has vineyards and wineries. I dream of a day when every decent-sized town has a local brewery.

Dream on. I live in South Carolina.

South Carolina Wineries

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